218th Session

218th Session: Lecture Programme

Title Speaker Date
Prof Douglas Paul 12th June 2019
The Idea of a Moral Constitution Prof A C
Master of the New
College of the
2nd October 2019
Realising potential despite the circumstances

Iain MacRitchie
Founder & Chair of MCR Pathways, MCR Foundation & MCR Holdings

MCR Pathways website
16th October 2019

Why do we look up?

Dr Guy
Director of the Vatican Observatory
30th October 2019
Land, Democracy & Society. Why land reform matters and can solve many problems.
Andy Wightman MSP
writer and researcher on land governance
13th November 2019
A Symphony in Stone A 60 minute documentary which celebrates and explains Glasgow’s stunning cityscape and architecture 27th November 2019

Blame, forgiveness and apology

Prof. Elinor Mason (Philosophy, University of Edinburgh), Prof. Miranda Fricker (Philosophy, CUNY), Prof. Glen Pettigrove (Philosophy, University of Glasgow) 11th December 2019

The next influenza pandemic

Prof Wendy Barclay
Action Medical Research Chair in Virology, Imperial College London
8th January 2020

The poverty of Robert Burns

Russell Wardrop
Co-founder and Chief Executive of Kissing with Confidence
22nd January 2020

Remanufacturing: remaking UK manufacturing

Dr Winifred Ijomah
Technical Director: Scottish Institute for
Remanufacture , University of Strathclyde
5 February 2020

Is Virtual Reality Experience Veridical, Illusory or Hallucinatory Experience?

Professor Fiona Macpherson
Director, Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience, University of Glasgow
19th February 2010

Electronic Skin – From Humanoids to Humans

Professor Ravinder Dahiya
Professor of
Electronics and
University of Glasgow
4th March 2020
Volcanoes from fuming vents to extinction events Prof Tamsin Mather
Professor of Earth
Sciences, University of

Rescheduled to October 7th