219th Session: Lecture Programme

Title Speaker Date

A guided excursion round the geology of Islay

David Webster 1st July 2020

The building of the Borders Railway

Hugh Wark 5th August 2020

Volcanoes from fuming vents to extinction events

Prof Tamsin Mather

Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

7th October 2020

Britain’s police and food supply in World War One

Dr Mary Fraser

21st October 2020

Understanding suicidal behaviour

Professor Rory O’Connor

Professor of Health Psychology, University of Glasgow

4th November 2020

Elite sport performance – is there a formulae for success?

Professor Mark King

Professor of Sports Biomechanics, Loughborough University

18th November 2020

Raising the Dead: Constructing Characters from the Ancient Christian Past

Professor Helen Bond

Professor of Christian Origins, University of Glasgow

2nd December 2020

Catching the artist’s skill: a journey of discovery and wonder

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Prof Dr Erma Hermens

Rijksmuseum Professor of Studio Practice and Technical Art History at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Humanities.

16th December 2020



The mind of the Bee

Professor Lars Chittka

Professor of Sensory and Behavioural Ecology, Queen Mary University of London

27th January 2021

The human scale: technology and leadership in times of crisis

Misha Glenny

Author and former Digital Security Journalist of the Year

10th February 2021

Mission Economy 

Professor Mariana Mazzucato

Professor in the Economics of Innovation & Public Value at University College London

3rd March 2021

The EU without Britain: Never Closer Union?

Professor Vernon Bogdanor

Emeritus Gresham Professor of Law

10th March 2021

Is vitamin D the ‘sunshine superstar’ or is it all media hype?

Professor Susan Lanham-New

Professor of Human Nutrition and Head of the Nutritional Sciences Department at the University of Surrey

17th March 2021