other news September 2016

The 215th Lecture Series programme is out now and can be downloaded here 215 Lecture Series

Sunday 11th September

The Science of Laughter – Jimmy Carr And The Science Of Laughter: A Horizon Special. Science contributors in the studio will include Professor Sophie Scott from University College London, who is breaking new ground in how the brain processes natural and social laughter; Professor Robin Dunbar from Oxford University, an evolutionary biologist and experimental psychologist who has a theory on why laughter was pivotal in our species development; and Professor Pete McGraw from University of Colorado, a psychologist who claims his controversial theory explains all comedy.



Following on from the transit of Mercury members may be interested in:

1) First ever full length space documentary (1920s) Wunder der Schopfung to be shown at Glasgow Science Centre  Mon Sept 19

Silent movie with brand new 2016 superb musical accompaniment composed and performed live by Jazz Duo “Herschel 36

2) GU Gifford Lecture series on Cosmology October  http://www.gla.ac.uk/events/lectures/gifford/2016-10/

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