Past Speakers

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SpeakerYear Topic AreaLecture Title   
(No name)2017Glasgow Science Festival TalksConnect with maths (talk and workshops for school age)
Adams, Carol2014BusinessResponsibility in Business
Afshar, Haleh2005Religion,IslamWomen's Rights and Islam-Can things change?
Aitken, Jonathan2016Politics, ReligionReforming our Prisons-Purposes and Practicalities
Angiolini, Elish2008LawScots Law' What's Special about us?
Ansari, Ali2015Modern HistoryIran and the British Question
Archer, Janet2015Arts AdminUnlocking Potential, Embracing Ambition
Armstrong, Karen2013Religion, PhilosophyCompassion
Ashcroft, Brain 2005EconomicsNew Wealth for an old Nation?
Atiyah, Michael2005MathematicsEinstein and the Nature of Space
Barker, John2018Physics and AstronomyThe Exploration of Space: the Austerity Years
Barker, John2010Glasgow Science Festival TalksThe smile on the face of the Quantum
Barker, John2016Members' TalksThrough the Webbit Hole: a Guide to
Barr, Leslie2002The RPSGThe Society and Nobel Laureates
Barrow, John1999Physics, CosmologyLife in the Universe
Black, James2002PharmacologyA Brief History of Drug Invention
Black, Sue2009Forensic AnthropologyForensic Anthropology in the Modern World
Blackburn, Simon.2004PhilosophyFictions, Inventions and Ethics
Blakemore, Colin2013NeuroscienceVision Impossible
Bond, Michael2005PsychiatryForty Years in Pain
Bone,Ian2013NeurologyCharles Dickens and the Art of Medical Observation
Boulton, Geoffrey2007GeologyWhat is happening to Planet Earth?
Bown, Lalage2008Education/FeminismWomen, Words and the World
Brindley, Lynne2010LibrarianshipThe Role of National Libraries in the 21st Century
Broadie, Alexander2013/2017PhilosophyDavid Hume/Public Intellectuals
Brown, Callum2001Scottish Church HistoryThe Death of European Christian Culture
Bruford, Mike2019Genetics/ BiodiversityWhy Genetic Biodiversity matters
Bruzzi, Stella2017FilmThe Law in Media Entertainment
Burdon, Roy2010Visual ArtsCulture Fusion: Arts/Science/Arts
Burland, John2004EngineeringPropping up the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Burn, John2012GeneticsTwins, Genes and Stem Cells:in search of self
Burnell, Jocelyn Bell2007AstronomyWhat's going on in the Universe?
Burns, Harry2018Public HealthWellbeing-What is it and what causes it?
Burton, Michael2008Cognitive PsychologyFace Recognition: surveillance, security, perception
Butt, John2005MusicDoes Classical Music still exist?
Caddy,Brian2006ForensicsForensic Science-Servant of the Legal Process
Cairncross, Frances2000EconomicsThe Death of Distance
Cairns Smith, Graham2004MedicinePortrait of a truly Primitive Gene
Calder, Muffy2013ComputingComputational Thinking
Calderwood, Catherine 2016Public HealthThe Philosophy of Realistic Medicine
Calman, Kenneth 1999/2015Public HealthRisk and its Communication/Happiness
Campbell, Steve2015Members' TalksPhotography
Campbell,Gordon2011ReligionThe King James Bible-Language and Literature
Cannadine, David2012History the British Monarchy becoming constitutional
Card,Nick2014ArchaeologyExcavations at Neolithic site Brodgar Orkney
Chakrabati,Shami2012Human RightsCommon Values in the Human Rights Act
Cogdell, Richard2009BotanyWhat we can learn from Photosynthesis?
Cohen, Philp2013PharmacologyNew Drugs in the 21stC
Conway-Morris, Simon2007EvolutionHow Evolution dances to the Song of Creation
Cowan, Ted2003History5/11 and the Fallout from 1603
Craig, Carol2006PsychologyNegativity in Scotland's Culture and Consciousness
Crane, Tim2006NeuroscienceCan Science explain Consciousness?
Crawford, Dorothy2010Medicine GeneralMicrobes and us
Crowe, Victoria2011Visual ArtsInspiration and Process: the Creative Journey
Cubie, Andrew2004EducationAcademic Rigour or Social Policy
Curtice, John2014PoliticsIs Scotland set to Separate?
Cushieri, Alfred2010Medicine GeneralOperating from Images
Deary, Ian2014AgingHeathy Cognitive Aging
Deech, Ruth2002Public HealthThe Future of Fertility
Dominiczak, Anna2009Genetics/CardiologyGenes, Proteins and Patients
Eaves, Laurence2015PhysicsGraphene
Elliot, Alison2006ReligionModeration in a World of Extremes
Esakovitz, Leonard2012Visual ArtsWhy take Photographs?
Esakowitz, Leonard 2012Members' TalksWhy take photographs?
Evans, Martin2009Medicine GeneralMice, Men and Medicine
Ewing, Winifred1999PoliticsA Suitable Job for a Woman
Fells, Ian2002EnergyThe Future of Renewable Energy
Ferguson ,Niall2010HistoryThe 1970s in Historical Perspective
Finkel, Irving2016Ancient HistoryThe Ark before Noah
Foster, Russell2016NeuroscienceA New Understanding of the Eye
Fraser, Mary2016Members' TalksControversies over the Great War Separation Allowance: Views of the Police
Frith, Chris2011PsychologyWhat is Consciousness for?
Fry, Michael2007HistoryState of the Union: how 1707 led to 2007
Fyfe, Maria2016Members' TalksMary Barbour
Galbraith, Roderick2001AeronauticsTwo Centuries of Flight
Gallagher, Jamie2014Glasgow Science Festival TalksIndestructible Energy
Garrod, Simon2009PsychologyThe New Science of Social Interaction
Gilmore,Ian2015AddictionAlcohol:Coping with our Favourite drug
Glover, Anne2010Global WarmingIs Manmade Climate Change our Greatest Challenge?
Gorman. Daniel2014Members' TalksJames Clerk Maxwell
Grady, Monica2017CosmologyLanding on a Comet
Graham, Elizabeth2012ArchaeologyThe Maya: their Calendar and Apocalypse to come
Grant, Robert2000LiteratureFiction and Meaning
Gray, Muir2014Public HealthThe Third Healthcare Revolution
Grayling, A.C.2007PhilosophyDefending the Enlightenment
Greenan, Lily2016Women's RightsViolence against Women in Scotland
Greenfield, Susan2000NeuroscienceThe Private Life of the Brain
Greig, David2014TheatreTheatre and Anthropology
Haldane, John1999PhilosophyPhilosophy in this Century and the Last
Hall, Wendy2008ComputingTowards a Science of the World Wide Web
Hampton,Kay2003Public HealthA Fairer Future
Hanlon, Philip2007Public HealthThreats to Public Health in the 21st Century
Haugh, Joanne2016Global WarmingClimate Change
Hellawell, Keith2004AddictionDrugs in Society
Hendry, Martin2009PhysicsCosmology:Why are we here?
Hennessey, Peter2018Politics, HistoryWriting the History of One's own Time
Hobbs, Angela2015PhilosophyPhilosophy and the Good Life
Holloway, James2013Visual ArtsPortrait of a Nation: Scotland's Portrait Gallery
Holloway, Richard2001Religion ,PhilosophyThe Wound of Religion
Hough, Jim2003PhysicsRipples from the Dark Side of the Universe
Humes, Walter2009EducationEducation, Citizenship and Democracy
Hutton, Will2018Public AffairsThe Enlightenment under Siege
Ingold, Tim 2018SociologyOn Building a University for the Common Good
Inns, Tom2016Design, EducationDesign Thinking in 21st Century
Ion, Sue2011Energy21stC Energy: Challenges and Food for Thought
Jaspars, Marcel2016PharmacologyExtreme Drug Discovery
Jebb, Susan2017NutritionImproving the Nation's Diet
Jeffrey, Kate2018NeuroscienceIlluminating Memory: optogenetics and the new science of the mind
Jeffreys, Alec2008ForensicsDNA Fingerprinting and Beyond
Jones, Steve2009EvolutionWhy Darwin was right and the Creationists are wrong
Kennedy, Dermot2013Members' TalksLister, Glasgow and antisepsis: confluences that changed the world
Kirkwood, Tom2016AgingWhat Price Immortality?
Langair, Malcolm2000Particle PhysicsMaxwell, Planck and the discovery of Quanta
Law, Stephen2007PsychologyThe War for Children's Minds
Leask, Nigel2017LiteratureThomas Pennants Scottish Tours 1760-72
Leather, Suzi2005EthicsTest Tube Babies and Embryo Research
Lebrecht,Norman,2001MusicThe Meaning of Mahler
Little, Alan2013World AffairsEurope in an Age of Fear
Long, Philip2014Visual ArtsV &A Dundee
Lorimer, David2007PhilosophyThe Frontiers of Science. Consciousness and Spirituality
Macdonald, Finlay2003ReligionThe Moderator's Tale
Macdonald, Jim2013EcologyLow Carbon Living
Macdonald, Murdo2008Visual ArtsScotland's Art From Prehistory to the Present
Macdonald.Ken2017LawFreedom in a dangerous World
Macgregor, Jimmie2000EntertainmentAn Arctic Journey
MacMillan, Duncan 2001Art/PhilosophyTwo Centuries of Art and Philosophy in Scotland
MacMillan, James2005MusicMusic: the most spiritual of the Arts
Macniven, Duncan2013HistoryScotland's People--1855-2011
MacSween,Roderick2003/2010General MedicineThe Future of Medical CareLister
Manning, Aubrey2007ZoologyThe Animals and Ourselves
Maslen,Rob2011LiteratureFantasy from The Front: Mervyn Peake
Mavor, Ronald2000Arts GeneralTime and the Arts
Maxwell, Jeff2005GM cropsOld Crops: Parameters of Acceptance and Rejection
McAnemey, Billy2006GeographyAfrica: What does the Future hold?
McCluskey, Karen2014Psychology/Public HealthMedics against Violence
McCluskey, Lord2005LawWhose Law? Religious and Legal Rights
McColl, Jim2017BusinessRenewal and Regeneration of Businesses
McConnell, Bridget2002Arts AdministrationScotland's Cultural Future
McConnell, Jack2010PoliticsImpact of Devolution on Scotland's Place in the World
McCulloch, Diarmaid2017Religion/HistoryThe Reformation Half a Millennium Later
McDonald, Jan2010Theatre HistoryWomen Performers in 19thC British Theatre
McDonald, Sheena2006MediaSack the Clown; Governance, Media and the Law
McDonald, Stuart2011HistoryProcurement of Cadavers by Anatomists In 19thC
McFadden, Jean2016Glasgow Local GovtGlasgow's Miles Better? A personal view
McGrath, Alistair2006ReligionThe Twilight of Atheism?
McInnes ,Colin2008/2015 EngineeringEngineering, Energy and the Environment/Energy Transmissions-past and Present
McKeganey, Neil2008AddictionWelcome to Scotland, Drug Capital of Europe
McKellar, Quintin2003EthicsThe Future of Animal Welfare
McKinnon, Donald2000World AffairsForth and Clyde Canal--A Nation Divided
McKinnon, Jim2010GeographyFrom Skara Brae to sustainable Communities
McLean, Colin2006EconomicsThe Strange Behaviour of Investors
McLennan, Andrew2009SociologyInside Barlinnie: the first 24 Hours
McMillan, Nigel2003DiagnosticsThe latest Developments in Medical Scanning
Menzies, Kirsty2018Glasgow Science Festival TalksVisualising two of Glasgow's Marys: how women have shaped and are shaping the political and scientific life of Glasgow
Midgley, Mary2004PhilosophyVisions and Values: Western Global Ecology
Millar, Keith2018HistoryFranklin's Arctic Expedition 1845
Mitchell, William2015Members' TalksMaking of the Baton for the Commonwealth Games
Mithen, Steven2006MusicThe Origins of Music and Language
Monaghan, Pat2013Members' TalksAn insight into the life and legacy of Alexander Wilson, Ornithologist
Morgan, Edwin2000LiteratureSome Philosophical thoughts on Burns
Morris, Andrew2014Public HealthHealth Science Research in Scotland
Morris, Jane 2018PsychiatryPsychotherapy in Scotland today
Neilson, June 2012Members' TalksThe Antonine Wall: a wall too far?
Newlands, George2008Theology/EthicsFaith, Hospitality and Human Rights
NicDaeid, Niamh2016Forensic ScienceDoes Forensic Science have a Future?
Nielsen, June2012HistoryThe Antonine Wall: a Wall too far?
Nurse, Paul 2018GeneticsGreat Ideas in Biology
O'Donovan, Michael2019GeneticsGenes and Mental Illness
O'Hagan, Angela2018Glasgow Science Festival TalksVisualising two of Glasgow's Marys: how women have shaped and are shaping the political and scientific life of Glasgow
O'Neill, Mark2006Visual ArtsKelvingrove in the 21st Century
O'Neill,Onora2012PhilosophyDo we need to rethink Press Freedom?
Ogg, Derek2004LawJust Law
Oppenheimer, Peter2000EconomicsWhat Price Progress?
Palmer,Tim2018MeteorologyPredicting the Weather
Patten, Chris2013World AffairsCollapsing Certainties:changing World order
Paul, Douglas2019Glasgow Science Festival TalksNanotechnology
Pennington, Hugh2001Public HealthA Century of Food Poisoning
Peterson, John2000Politics/World AffairsThe US Presidential Election
Philbrick, Dick2012Business/ EconomicsEmployee Ownership
Philbrick, Dick 2012Members' TalksEmployee ownership: path to prosperity and antidote to alienation?
Phipps, Alison2019World Affairs/EducationRefugee Integration Through Languages and the Arts
Pirmohamed, Munir2017GeneticsPersonalised Medicine> Can NHS afford it?
Pollock, Allyson2008Public HealthThe NHS and the Divergence of England and Scotland
Purser, John2011MusicologyScotland's Landscape as Music
Radcliffe-Richards, Janet 2002Women's RightsThe Future of Feminism
Rampton, Richard 2001LawHolocaust Denial: The Trial of the Century
Reedie, Craig2008Sports AdministrationCivic Advantages of International Sporting Events
Rees, Martin2013CosmologyLife in the Cosmos: Planets, Galaxies and the Universe
Reid, George2011PoliticsGetting to 'YES'
Reid, Harry2010ReligionWhy we should be grateful to Luther Calvin and Knox
Reid, Heather2003MeteorologyWeather Forecasting in the 21st Century
Reilly, David2006General MedicineHealing in a Post-Industrial Age
Reilly, Patrick2007LiteratureDecoding the Da Vinci Code
Richardson, Louise2011Terrorism/World AffairsUnderstanding Terrorism
Rifkind, Malcolm, 1999PoliticsBlessed are the Peacemakers
Roaf, Sue2009Glasgow Science Festival TalksThree degrees of climate change
Roberts, Carolyn2018EnvironmentManaging our Water Environment
Robertson, Ian2009MusicOperatic Medicine? Doctors in Opera
Roderick A McD Galbraith2011Glasgow Science Festival TalksWhat nature did and did not give aerospace
Rogers, Paul2017Politics/Public AffairsLost Cause? The War on Terror
Rowan, Sheila2016CosmologyGravitational Waves-a new Astronomy?
Sanderson, David2013Glasgow Science Festival Talks2013 was the centenary of 'isotope' first appearing in print, in a letter from Glasgow's Frederick Soddy
Sanderson,David2013ChemistryScience Festival Lecture
Sands, Philippe2019Law/World AffairsOrigins of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity
Saxl, Otilla2003TechnologyThe Science of the Small: Nanotechnology
Scott, Sophie2016NeuroscienceThe Science of Laughter
Seldon, Antony2017Education/PhilosophyWaste of 20thC Academic Philosophy
Sharkey, Noel2012Glasgow Science Festival TalksRobots that can help us and hurt us
Sharp,Craig2004Veterinary ScienceAnimal Athletes: Feats of Animal Physiology
Shenkin, Alan2012NutritionMicronutrient Supplements and Disease
Sheridan, Tommy2002PoliticsA Century of Socialism
Shipton, Zoe2015Geology/ EngineeringEthics of Energy Supply in 21stC(Fracking)
Shirlaw, Derek2016Glasgow Science Festival TalksFuture fuels
Skeldon, Ken 2007CosmologyDebunking the Moon Hoax Theory
Smith, Catherine2009LiteratureThe Dignity of Man--Robert Burns
Smith, John2005PharmacologyScientific Changes for Natural Medicine
Smith, Martin2005GeographyDrifting Continents and the Asian Tsunami
Spector, Timothy2015GeneticsHow you can change your Genes
Spurway, Neil2004Theology/ScienceScience and Religion in the Third Millennium
Stamp, Gavin2002Visual ArtsSir Giles Gilbert Scott: Architect of the Century
Stewart, Mhairi2015Glasgow Science Festival TalksWhat have bacteria done for us?
Stoddart, Sandy2005SculptureCostume, Drapery and the Decline of the Statue
Stott, David2014Members' TalksAntikythera Mechanism
Strachan, Huw2015HistoryCentenary of WW1: Commemoration or Celebration?
Stringer, Chris2011EvolutionThe Origin of our Species
Susskind, Richard2002/17Law/Computing ScienceClicks and Mortals/The Future of The Professions
Sutherland2003PhilosophyIdeologies and Values
Tallis,Raymond2010Visual ArtsAping Mankind; Darwinism, yes : Darwinist, no
Taylor, Max2008Politics/World AffairsHow Terrorism can be understood and countered
Thomas, Sharon2018Glasgow Science Festival TalksVisualising two of Glasgow's Marys: how women have shaped and are shaping the political and scientific life of Glasgow
Thorp, Nigel2001Visual ArtsThe Ass and the Coxcomb--Whistler and Ruskin
Venables, Jean2011Global WarmingWater and Climate Change in Food Production
Vousden, Karen2014OncologyWhy is Cancer so rare?
Wallace, John2008MusicMusic and Freedom
Warren, John2013Members' TalksA light shining in dark places: the legacy of Thomas Aikenhead
Warwick,Kevin2006TechnologyHybrid Intelligence. Human and Machine Brains
Welsh, Louise2018LiteratureDystopia And Nostalgia in Apocalypse Fiction
Williams, Shirley2008Politics/World AffairsPolitics and Principle
Wilmut, Ian2004CloningThe Future of Cloning
Wilson, Chick2011ChemistryMysterious Case of Misbehaving Molecules
Wilson, David2014World AffairsChina Awakening
Wilson, Jim2012GeneticsScotland's DNA
Winder, Simon2011HistoryGermanic Tribes in 16thC Europe
Winetrobe, Barry2003Politics/World AffairsThe Evolution of Devolution
Winfield, Alan2018Robotics/EthicsThe Thinking Robot
Withers, Charles2013GeographyScotland's Cartographic History
Wolpert, Louis2009 ReligionBelief and the Evolution of Religion
Yellowlees, Lesley2015Women in ScienceWomen in Science