211th Session: Lecture Programme


Lord Rees: Kelvin Lecturer 2013




The Graham Lecture
What price immortality?

Prof Tom Kirkwood

3rd Oct 2012

 Scotland’s DNA

Dr Jim Wilson

17th Oct2012 

The Minerva Lecture
When did the British monarchy become a constitutional monarchy?

Prof Sir David Cannadine

31st Oct 2012

Micronutrient supplements and disease: Should I take vitamins, Doctor?

Professor Alan Shenkin

14th Nov 2012

The Maya, their calendars, and apocalypse …. later

Prof Elizabeth Graham

28th Nov 2012

Why David Hume is important today

Prof Alexander Brodie

12th Dec 2012

New drugs for the treatment of disease in the 21st century

Prof Sir Philip Cohen

9th Jan 2013

Low carbon living

Prof Sir Jim McDonald

23rd Jan 2013

Charles Dickens and the art of medical observation

Prof Ian Bone

6th Feb 2013

Scotland’s people 1855–2011

Duncan Macniven

20th Feb 2013

Collapsing certainties – the changing world order

Lord Patten
of Barnes CH

6th Mar 2013

The Kelvin Lecture, Joint lecture with the British Science Association
Life in the cosmos – planets, galaxies and the universe

Lord Rees

20th Mar 2013

Members’ Talks


27th Mar 2013 

Glasgow Science Festival
The Soddy Lecture

Prof David Sanderson

13th Jun 2013