212th Session: Lecture Programme

Title Speaker Date
Computational thinking: it’s not just about computersĀ  Professor Muffy Calder 2nd Oct 2013
The Kelvin Lecture:
Vision Impossible
Professor Colin Blakemore 16th Oct 2013
Reporting Europe in an Age of Fear Alan Little 30th Oct 2013
Mapping the Nation: Scotland’s Cartographic History Professor Charles Withers 13th Nov 2013
Portrait of a Nation: Reinventing the Scottish National Portrait Gallery James Holloway 27th Nov 2013
The Minerva Lecture:
Compassion: Nice Idea or Urgent Global Imperative?
Karen Armstrong 11th Dec 2013
The Biometric Identification of Persons Professor John Daugman 8th Jan 2014
Why is cancer so rare? How tumour suppressors protect us Professor Karen Vousden 22nd Jan 2014
Members TalksJames Clerk MaxwellThe Antikythera Mechanism
Professor Daniel Gorman & Professor David Stott 5th Feb 2014
Options and Opportunities for Health Science Research in Scotland Professor Andrew Morris 19th Feb 2014
Napoleon worried about China awakening, should we? Lord David Wilson 5th Mar 2014
Medics Against Violence Karyn McCluskey 19th Mar 2014
Is Scotland set to separate? Professor John Curtice
2nd April 2014