210th Session: Lecture Programme

Title Speaker Date
The King James Bible: language and literature Prof Gordon Campbell

Professor of Renaissance Studies, University of Leicester
5th Oct 2011
The origin of our species
Prof Chris Stringer

Research Leader in Human Origins, Natural History Museum, London
19th Oct 2011
Inspiration and process – the creative journey Dr Victoria Crowe

Artist, Curator of teh 2011 Royal Scottish Academy Exhibition
2nd Nov 2011
Getting to yes The Rt Hon George Reid

Former MP, MSP and Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament
16th Nov 2011
What is consciousness for? Prof Chris Frith

Emeritus Professor of Neuropsychology, University College London
30th NovĀ  2011
The importance of water and climate change in food production
Dr Jean Venables

Past President, Institution of Civil Engineers
14th Dec 2011
Grand designs – Stirling 1540 Mr John Donaldson

Woodcarver and Sculptor
11th Jan 2012
Liberty and common values Ms Shami Chakrabarti

Director of Liberty
25th Jan 2012
Twins, genes and stem cells: in search of self
Prof John Burn

Professor of Clinical Genetics, University of Newcastle
8th Feb 2012
Microbes and us: an illustrated talk on how microbes shaped our history Prof Dorothy H Crawford

Emeritus Professor of Medical Microbiology, University of Edinburgh
22nd Feb 2012
The ethical marketplace of robot futures Prof Noel Sharkey

Emeritus Professor of Medical Microbiology, University of Edinburgh
7th Mar 2012
Do we need to rethink press freedom? Baroness O’Neill of Bengarve

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge
21st Mar 2012
Members’ Talks
4th April 2012