207th Session: Lecture Programme

Title Speaker Date
Face recognition: surveillance, security, and the limits of human perception Prof Michael Burton 3rd Oct 2008
Politicians and principle
Baroness Shirley Williams 16th Oct 2008
Engineering, energy, and the environment: the long view Prof Colin McInnes 22nd Oct 2008
Do international sporting events bring advantages to host city? Sir Craig Reedie
5 Nov 2008
How can terrorism be understood and countered? Prof Max Taylor 19 Nov 2008
Faith, hospitality, and human rights
Prof George Newlands 3rd Dec 2008
Scotland’s art from prehistory to the present: the Highland dimension Prof Murdo Macdonald 17th Dec 2008
Genes, proteins, and patients Prof Anna Dominiczak 14th Jan 2009
The Dignity of Man – why Burns is loved
Dr Catherine Smith 28th Feb 2009
Belief and the evolution of religion Prof Lewis Wolpert 11th Feb 2009
Inside Barlinnie: the first twenty-four hours Dr Andrew McLellan 25th Feb 2009
Cosmology: Why are we here? Dr Martin Hendry 11th Mar 2009
What can we learn from photosynthesis about converting solar energy into fuels
Prof Richard Cogdell 25th Mar 2009