206th Session: Lecture Programme

Title Speaker Date
State of the Union – how 1707 led to 2007 Michael Fry 3rd Oct 2007
What is happening to Planet Earth; and what might we do about it?
Prof Geoffrey Boulton 17th Oct 2007
The Animals and Ourselves Prof Aubrey Manning 31st Oct 2007
The frontiers of science, consciousness and spirituality David Lorimer 14th Nov 2007
The war for children’s minds Stephen Law 28th Nov 2007
What’s going on in the Universe
Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell 12th Dec 2007
Music and Freedom Prof John Wallace
9th Jan 2008
DNA fingerprinting and beyond Prof Sir Alec Jeffreys 23rd Jan 2008
Scots Law – What’s so special about us? Rt Hon Elish Aniolini QC 6th Feb 2008
Welcome to Scotland – drug capital of Europe Prof Neil McKeganey 20th Feb 2008
Towards a Science of the World Wide Web Prof Wendy Hall 5th Mar 2008
The NHS – implications for patients and public as Scotland and England diverge Prof Allyson Pollock 19th Mar 2008