List of Speakers and Lectures

October 1999 – March 2012

Sessions: 198 – 210 

Year Speaker Topic
1999   198th Session
7/10 Sir Kenneth Calman Graham: Risk and its communication
21/10 Prof John Barrow Kelvin: Life in the Universe
04/11 Winifred Ewing A suitable job for a woman
18/11 Sir Malcolm Rifkind Blessed are the peacemakers
16/12 Prof John Haldane Philosophy in this century and next
13/01 Donald McKinnon Forth and Clyde Canal-a Nation divided
27/01 Prof Ronald Mavor Time and the Arts
10/02 Jimmie MacGregor An Arctic Journey
24/02 Prof Peter Oppenheimer What Price Progress?
199th Session
05/10 Prof Susan Greenfield The private life of the Brain
19/10 Frances Cairncross The death of distance
02/11 John Peterson The US Presidential Election
16/11 Dr Robert Grant Fiction and Meaning
14/12 Prof Malcolm Longair Kelvin: Maxwell, Planck and the discovery of Quanta
11/01 Prof Nigel Thorp The ass and the coxcomb: reflections on Whistler and Ruskin
25/01 Prof Edwin Morgan Arts: God, Fate and the Devil: Some Philosophical Thoughts on Burns
22/02 Dr Richard Holloway The wound of religion
22/03 Norman Lebrecht The Meaning of Mahler
200th Session
04/10 Dr Callum Brown The Death of European Christian Culture 1801 – 2001
18/10 Prof Roderick Gailbraith Two Centuries of Flight
01/11 Prof Tom Devine Scotland’s century
15/11 Prof Duncan MacMillan An Exchange of Ideas – Two Centuries of Art and Philosophy in Scotland
29/11 Prof Hugh Pennington A Century of Food Poisoning
13/12 Richard Rampton, QC Holocaust Denial – The Trial of the Century
2002 Clicks and Mortals
17/01 Tommy Sheridan MSP A Century of Socialism
31/01 Prof Richard Susskind
14/02 Sir James Black The Greatest Benefit to Mankind: A Brief History of Drug Invention
28/02 Dr Gavin Stamp Sir Giles Gilbert Scott: Architect of the Century
14/03 Prof Leslie Barr The Society and Nobel Laureates
201st Session
10/10 Dame Ruth Deech The Future of Fertility
24/10 Prof Richard Dawkins The Evolution of the Future
07/11 Bridget McConnell Scotland’s Cultural Future
21/11 Prof Ian Fells The Future of Renewable Energy
05/12 Tam Dalyell, MP The Future of the Middle East
19/12 Dr Janet Radcliffe Richards The Future of Feminism
16/01 Lord Sutherland Ideologies and Values in the Twenty-First Century
30/01 Kay Hampton A Fairer Future
13/02 Prof Quintin McKellar The Future of Animal Welfare
27/02 Heather Reid Weather Forecasting for the 21st Century
13/03 Professor Sir Roderick MacSween The Future of Medical Care
27/03 Derek Ogg, QC Do Human Rights Have a Future?
202nd Session
08/10 Otillia Saxl The Science of the Small – Fact, Fantasy and the Future of Nanotechnology
22/10 Prof Jim Hough Ripples from the Dark Side of the Universe
05/11 Prof Ted Cowan 5/11 and the Fallout from 1603
19/11 Barry K Winetrobe The evolution of devolution
03/12 The Very Rev. Dr. Finlay Macdonald The Moderator’s Tale
17/12 Dr Nigel McMillan Seeing Through You: the Latest Developments in Medical Scanning
14/01 Dr Robert Dickson Global Warming and the Northern Seas
28/01 Dr Sheena McDonald Sack the Clown – Governance, the media and the citizen
11/02 Prof Ian Wilmut The Future of Cloning
25/02 Prof Simon Blackburn Fictions, Inventions and Ethics
10/03 Dr Andrew Cubie Academic Rigour or Social Policy – Does Society Care about Education?
24/03 Prof Neil Spurway Science and Religion in the 3rd Millennium
  203nd Session
06/10 Derek Ogg, QC Just Law
20/10 Keith Hellawell Drugs in Society
03/11 Graham Cairns Smith Portrait of a truly primitive gene
17/11 Prof Craig Sharp Animal Athletes: Feats of Animal Physiology
01/12 Dr Mary Midgley Visions and Values: a western view of global ecology
08/12 Prof John Burland Propping up Pisa: saving the leaning tower
12/01 Prof Jeff Maxwell GM Crops: Parameters of Acceptance and Rejection
26/01 Prof Brian Ashcroft New Wealth for an Old Nation: how others see us
09/02 Prof Sir Michael Bond Forty Years in Pain
23/02 James MacMillan Music – the most spiritual of the Arts
09/03 Suzi Leather Test Tube Babies and Embryo Research – the facts, the ethics, the future
25/03 Dick Wolfson Laughter – the elixir of life
  204th Session
05/10 Prof Haleh Afshar Women’s Rights and Islam: Can Things change?
19/10 Dr Martin Smith Drifting continents and the Asian tsunami
02/11 Prof John Smith Scientific Challenges for Natural Medicines
16/11 Prof Sir Michael Atiyah Einstein and the nature of space
30/11 Sandy Stoddart The Sartorial Imperative – costume, drapery, and the decline of the statue
14/12 Lord McCluskey Whose Law? – Religious and Legal Rights
11/01 Prof Kevin Warwick Hybrid Intelligence – combining human and machine brains
25/01 Dr Carol Craig The Shriek of the Sea-Mew – negativity of Scottish culture and consciousness
08/02 Prof Steven Mithen The Origins of Music and Language
22/02 Billy McAneney Africa: what does the future hold?
08/03 Prof Tim Crane Can science explain everything about consciousness?
22/03 Mark O’Neill Kelvingrove in the 21st Century: Towards a New Epistemology of Museums
  205th Session
04/10 Dr David Reilly Healing in a Post-Industrial Age – emerging from 20th century medicine
18/10 Prof Lalage Brown Women, Words and the World
01/11 Dr Alison Elliot Moderation in a World of Extremes
15/11 Prof Brian Caddy Forensic Science – servant of the legal process?
29/11 Prof Colin McLean The Strange Behaviour of Investors
13/12 Prof Alistair McGrath The Twilight of Atheism? Reflections on the Future of Religion and its Alternatives
10/01 Dr Ken Skeldon Debunking the Moon Hoax Theories – one small step, many giant myths
24/01 Prof Philip Hanlon Threats to Public Health in the 21st Century – Can current thinking cope?
07/02 Prof Patrick O’Reilly Decoding ‘The Da Vinci Code
21/02 Prof Simon Conway-Morris How Evolution Dances to the Song of Creation
07/03 Prof John Butt Does Classical Music still exist?
21/03 Prof A C Grayling Defending the Enlightenment
  206th Session
03/10 Michael Fry State of the Union – how 1707 led to 2007
17/10 Prof Geoffrey Boulton What is happening to Planet Earth; and what might we do about it?
31/10 Prof Aubrey Manning The Animals and Ourselves
14/11 David Lorimer The frontiers of science, consciousness and spirituality
28/11 Stephen Law The war for children’s minds
12/12 Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell What’s going on in the Universe
09/01 Prof John Wallace Music and Freedom
23/01 Prof Sir Alec Jeffreys DNA fingerprinting and beyond
06/02 Rt Hon Elish Angiolini QC Scots Law – What’s so special about us?
20/02 Prof Neil McKeganey Welcome to Scotland – drug capital of Europe
05/03 Prof Wendy Hall Towards a Science of the World Wide Web
19/03 Prof Allyson Pollock The NHS – implications for patients and public as Scotland and England diverge
207th Session
08/10 Prof Michael Burton Face recognition: surveillance, security, and the limits of human perception
16/10 Baroness Shirley Williams Politicians and principle
22/10 Prof Colin McInnes Engineering, energy, and the environment: the long view
05/11 Sir Craig Reedie Do international sporting events bring advantages to the host city?
19/11 Prof Max Taylor How can terrorism be understood and countered?
03/12 Prof George Newlands Faith, hospitality, and human rights
17/12 Prof Murdo Macdonald Scotland’s art from prehistory to the present: the Highland dimension
14/01 Prof Anna Dominiczak Genes, proteins, and patients
28/01 Dr Catherine Smith The Dignity of Man – why Burns is loved
11/02 Prof Lewis Wolpert Belief and the evolution of religion
25/02 Dr Andrew McLennan Inside Barlinnie: the first twenty-four hours
11/03 Dr Martin Hendry Cosmology: Why are we here?
25/03 Prof Richard Cogdell What can we learn from photosynthesis about
208th Session
07/10 Prof. Jane Dawson Knox, Calvin and Scotland: the creation of a protestant nation
21/10 Prof.Walter Humes Education, citizenship and democracy: the threat of corporate culture
04/11 Prof. Steve Jones Why Darwin was right and the creationists are wrong
18/11 Prof. Sue Black Speaking for the dead: forensic anthropology in our modern world
25/11 Prof. Sir Martin Evans Mice, men and medicine
02/12 Prof. Simon Garrod The new science of social interaction
16/12 Dr J Ian S Robertson Operatic medicine: doctors in opera
13/01 Mr Jim Mackinnon From Scara Brae to sustainable communities
27/01 Prof. Sir Alfred Cuschieri Operating from images
10/02 Dame Lynne Brindley The role of national libraries in the 21st century
24/02 Prof. Jan McDonald A business unworthy of a woman? The rise of the female performer on the British stage
10/03 Mr Jonathan Aitken Reforming our prisons: purposes and practicalities
24/03 Prof. Anne Glover Everyone likes a challenge – is rapid, man-made climate change the biggest one yet?
209th Session
06/10 Prof. Raymond Tallis Aping mankind. Darwinism, yes. Darwinitis, no.
20/10 Prof. Niall Ferguson The 1970s in historical perspective
03/11 Rt Hon Jack McConnell MSP Has Devolution improved Scotland’s place in the world?
17/11 Mr Harry Reid Why we should be grateful to Luther, Calvin and Knox
01/12 Prof. Roddy MacSween Lister
15/12 Prof. Roy Burdon Culture fusion: art meets science – science meets art
12/01 Dr Rob Maslen Fantasy from the front: Mervyn Peake and the problem of art in wartime
26/01 Dame Sue Ion 21st century energy challenges: fuel for thought
09/02 Dr Louise Richardson Understanding terrorism
23/08 Dr Stuart McDonald Procurement of cadavers by anatomists in Glasgow in the early 19th century
09/03 Dr John Purser Scotland’s landscape as music – an aesthetic fantasy or a presentreality
23/03 Prof Chick Wilson Mysterious cases of misbehaving molecules
  210th Session
05/10 Prof Gordon Campbell The King James Bible: language and literature
19/10 Prof Chris Stringer The origin of our spoecies
02/11 Dr Victoria Crowe Inspiration and process-the creative journey
16/11 The Rt Hon George Reid Getting to yes
30/11 Prof Chris Frith What is consciousness for?
14/12 Dr Jean Venables The importance of water and climate change in food production
11/01 John Donaldson Grand Designs- Stirling 1540
25/01 Shami Chakrabati Common values-the Human Rights Act: what we have to lose?
08/02 Prof Sir John Burn Twins, genes and stem cells: in search of self
22/02 Prof Dorothy H Crawford Microbes and us: an illustrated talk on how microbes shaped our history
07/03 Dr Leonard Esakowitz Why take photographs?
Members Dr June Neilson The Antonine Wall: a wall too far?
Talks Dick Philbrick Employee ownership:path to prosperity and an anti-dote to alienation?
21/03 Baroness O’Neill of Bengarve Do we need to rethink press freedom?
    211th Session