Sessions 1999-2006

Session 1999-00

7th October 1999Sir Kenneth CalmanGraham Lecture - Risk and its Communication
21st October 1999Professor John BarrowKelvin Lecture - Life in the Universe
4th November 1999Dr Winifred EwingA Suitable Job for a Woman
18th November 1999Sir Malcolm RifkindBlessed are the Peacemakers
2nd December 1999Mr Pat LallyMy Kind of Town
16th December 1999Professor John HaldanePhilosophy in this Century and the Next
13th January 2000Mr Donald MackinnonForth and Clyde Canal: A Nation Divided
27th January 2000Professor Ronald MavorTime and the Arts
10th February 2000Mr Jimmie MacGregorAn Arctic Journey
24th February 2000Professor Peter OppenheimerWhat Price Progress?

Session 2000-01

5th October 2000Professor Susan GreenfieldThe Private Life of The Brain
19th October 2000Frances CairncrossThe Death of Distance
2nd November 2000John PetersonThe US Presidential Election
16th November 2000Dr Robert GrantFiction and Meaning
30th November 2000Education SymposiumWhat’s happening in our schools?
14th December 2000Professor Malcolm LongairKelvin Lecture - Maxwell-Planck Quantum Hypothesis
11th January 2001Professor Nigel ThorpThe Ass and the Coxcomb – Reflections on Whistler and Ruskin
25th January 2001Professor Edwin MorganArts Award Lecture - God, Fate and the Devil: Some philosophical thoughts on Burns
22nd February 2001Dr Richard HollowayThe Wound of Religion
22nd March 2001Norman LebrechtThe Meaning of Mahler

Session 2001 – 02

4th October 2001Dr Callum BrownDeath of European Christian Culture: 1801-2001
18th October 2001Professor Roderick GailbraithTwo Centuries of Flight
1st November 2001Professor Tom DevineScotland’s Century
15th November 2001Professor Duncan MacMillanAn Exchange of Ideas
29th November 2001Professor Hugh PenningtonA Century of Food Poisoning
13th December 2001Richard Rampton, QCHolocaust Denial – The Trial of the Century
17th January 2002Tommy Sheridan MSPA Century of Socialism
31st January 2002Prof Richard SusskindClicks and Mortals – The Information Century
14th February 2002Prof Sir James BlackA Brief History of New Drug Invention
28th February 2002Gavin StampSir Giles Gilbert Scott: Architect of the Century
14th March 2002AGM and members’ nightAGM
28th March 2002DebateDebate

Session 2002-03

10th October 2002Professor Richard DawkinsEvolution of the Future
24th October 2002Dame Ruth DeechThe Future of Fertility
7th November 2002Bridget McConnellScotland’s Cultural Future
21st November 2002Professor Ian FellsThe Future for Clean Energy
5th December 2002Tam DalyellThe Future of the Middle East
19th December 2002Dr Janet Radcliffe RichardsThe Future of Feminism
16th January 2003Lord (Stewart) SutherlandIdeologies and Values in the 21st Century
30th January 2003Kay Hampton, Philip Muinde, Ravinder NijjarSymposium – A Fairer Future
13th February 2003Professor Quintin McKellarThe Future of Animal Welfare
27th February 2003Heather ReidWeather Forecasting for the 21st Century
13th March 2003Sir Roderick MacSweenThe Future of Medical Care
27th March 2003Derek Ogg QCDo Human Rights Have a Future?

Session 2003-04

8th October 2003Otillia Saxl‘The Science of the Small – Fact, Fantasy and the Future of Nanotechnology’
22nd October 2003Professor Jim Hough‘Ripples from the Dark Side of the Universe’
5th November 2003Professor Ted Cowan‘5/11 and the Fallout from 1603’
19th November 2003Barry Winetrobe‘The Evolution of Devolution’
3rd December 2003Very Rev Dr Finlay Macdonald‘The Moderator’s Tale’
17th December 2003Dr Nigel McMillan‘Seeing Through You: The Latest Developments in Medical Scanning’
14th January 2004Dr Robert DicksonKelvin Lecture - ‘Global Warming and Our Northern Seas: the Evidence from the Ocean’
28th January 2004Dr Sheena McDonald‘Sack the Clown: the Relationship Between Governance, the Media and the Citizenry’
11th February 2004Professor Ian Wilmut‘The Future of Cloning’
25th February 2004Professor Simon Blackburn‘Fictions, Inventions, and Ethics’
10th March 2004Dr Andrew Cubie‘Academic Rigour or Social Policy – Does Society care about Education?’
24th March 2004AGM / Presidential Lecture‘Science and Religion in the Third Millennium’

Session 2004-05

6th October 2004Derek Ogg, QC ‘Just Law’
20th October 2004Keith Hellawell‘Drugs in Society’
3rd November 2004Dr. Graham Cairns-Smith‘A Portrait of a Truly Primitive Gene’
17th November 2004Prof. Craig Sharp ‘Animal Athletes: Feats of Animal Physiology’
1st December 2004Dr. Mary Midgley‘Visions and Values: A Western View of Global Ecology’
15th December 2004Prof. John Burland‘Propping up Pisa: Saving the Leaning Tower’
12th January 2005Jeff Maxwell‘GM Crops: Parameters of Acceptance and Rejection’
26th January 2005Prof. Brian Ashcroft‘New Wealth for an Old Nation: Scotland’s Place in Europe’s Economy’
9th February 2005Prof. Sir Michael Bond‘Forty Years in Pain’
23rd February 2005James MacMillan‘Music: the Most Spiritual of the Arts’
9th March 2005Suzi Leather‘Test Tube Babies and Embryo Research’
23rd March 2005Dick Wolfson‘Humour: the Elixir of Life’

Session 2005-06

5th October 2005Prof Haleh Afshar ‘Women’s rights and Islam: can things change?’
19th October 2005Dr Martin Smith‘Drifting continents and the Asian tsunami’
2nd November 2005Prof John Smith ‘Scientific challenges for natural medicines’
16th November 2005Prof. Sir Michael Atiyah‘Einstein and the nature of space’ Einstein centenary lecture
30th November 2005Alexander (Sandy) Stoddart‘The sartorial imperative: costume, drapery and the decline of the statue’
14th December 2005Lord (John) McCluskey ‘Whose law? Religion and legal rights’
11th January 2006Prof. Kevin Warwick ‘Hybrid Intelligence: combining human and machine brains’
25th January 2006Dr Carol Craig‘The “Shriek of the Sea-Mew”: the negativity of Scottish culture and consciousness’
8th February 2006Prof. Steven Mithen‘The origins of music and language’
22nd February 2006Philip Muinde, Billy McAnaney and Peter WestA symposium on Africa
8th March 2006Prof. Tim Crane‘Can science explain everything about consciousness?’
22nd March 2006Mark O’Neill‘Museums and enlightenment’

Session 2006-07

4th October 2006 Dr David Reilly ‘Healing in a Post-Industrial Age – emergiLecture archiveng from 20th century medicine’
18th October 2006Prof Lalage Bown‘Women, Words, and the World’
1st November 2006Dr Alison Elliot ‘Moderation in a World of Extremes’
15th November 2006 Prof Brian Caddy‘Forensic Science – Servant of the Legal Process?’
29th November 2006 Prof Colin McLean‘The Strange Behaviour of Investors’
13th December 2006Prof Alister McGrath‘The Twilight of Atheism? Reflections on the Future of Religion and its Alternatives’
10th January 2007Dr Ken Skeldon‘Debunking the Moon Hoax Theories – one small step, many giant myths’
24th January 2007Prof Philip Hanlon‘Threats to Public Health in the 21st Century – Can current thinking cope?’
7th February 2007 Prof Patrick Reilly‘Decoding The Da Vinci Code‘
21st February 2007 Prof Simon Conway-Morris‘How Evolution Dances to the Song of Creation’
7th March 2007Prof John Butt‘Does Classical Music still Exist?’
21st March 2007Prof A C Grayling‘Defending the Enlightenment’ Preceded by AGM